Stera-Sheen cleaners & sanitizers for
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The Stera-Sheen range of products is made by Purdy Products, a small, family-owned business based right here in the USA. They focus on manufacturing only high quality cleaners and sanitizers for your commercial foodservice machines. Stera-Sheen Green Label is the industry-leading product for sanitizing and cleaning ice cream machines. Stera-Sheen Red Label fryer and filter cleaner is powerful chemical fryer cleaner and multi-purpose degreaser that helps your machinery run smoothly and with fewer breakdowns. Other products include Sani-Tea tea brewer sanitizer, Urn Clean all-purpose brewing equipment cleaner and more.


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Stera-Sheen Green Label Cleaners and Sanitizers


Importance of Cleanliness in Commercial Foodservice Machines


Any business dealing with food, from restaurants and caterers to grocery stores, factories, and distribution centres, must have a rigorous cleaning and sanitation routine in place at all times. The implications of employing cleaning practices that fail to meet food safety standards can be severe. This is dangerous for public health and the company's image because it could lead to food poisoning outbreaks.


Purdy Products is a small, family-owned company headquartered in the United States that produces the Stera-Sheen line. They make only the best disinfectants and cleansers for your industrial kitchen equipment.


Stera-Sheen Red Label Applications


Stera-Sheen Red Label is a non-caustic cleaner and multi-purpose de-greaser that leaves your fryer looking and smelling like new while extending the life of your oil and maintaining the delicious flavour of your food. Stera -heen Red Label is a commercial emulsifier used to dissolve oils and fats.


It's a water softener that doesn't sacrifice cleaning power or dirt removal in hard water. The grains of dirt are suspended and subsequently washed away when the water drains, leaving a clean surface.


Stera-Sheen Green Label Applications


A specialized milkstone remover, Stera-Sheen Green Label cleans and sanitizes all food-contact surfaces in commercial kitchen appliances like soft serve and shake makers, ice cream and smoothie blenders, beverage dispensing devices, ice machines, and more. This is a high-end cleanser and disinfectant. Milkstone is easily cleaned, delimed, and removed without resorting to any further processes. The time and supplies required for cleaning will be significantly reduced. When applied to a dirty surface, Stera-Sheen Green Label cleans it thoroughly, neutralises odours caused by germs, and kills the bacteria themselves. When applied as directed, Stera-Sheen Green Label will permanently remove milkstone and mineral deposits.


Key Features and Benefits of Stera-Sheen Green Label Cleaners and Sanitizers


Some of the benefits of using Stera-Green / Stera Sheen Green Label are:


  • The elimination of pathogens (disease-causing microorganisms).
  • Preventing the spread of disease-causing germs from one food item to another, such as raw meat or produce contaminating cooked meals.
  • Decreasing the likelihood of nut and seed allergies contaminating edible products.
  • To help keep rodents, insects, bugs, birds, and the like out of your home. By thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting the area, you can get rid of both the food scraps and germs that pests thrive on.
  • Mitigating the likelihood of ingesting harmful physical substances that may have contaminated meals. Some common examples include dust, hair, and packaging scraps.
  • Lowering the possibility of mishaps due to spills and other food detritus.
  • Maintaining proper food hygiene standards.


Are Stera-Sheen Green Label products food-grade and compliant with food safety regulations?


Stera-Sheen Green Label is FDA-approved and EPA-registered.


Can Stera-Sheen Green label Cleaners and Sanitizers help extend the lifespan of food service machines?


If you don't keep your kitchen clean, you'll have to replace your appliances more frequently. Stera-Sheen's products for specialized kitchen appliances make them last much longer.


How to Use Stera-Sheen Green Label Effectively


Here are the basic procedures for using Stera-Sheen Green Label correctly. Before beginning to clean, make sure the area is free of any obvious waste or leftover food. Next, dilute the Stera-Sheen cleanser with warm water as directed on the packaging.  Cover the surface for about 60 seconds. Wipe the surface gently in circular motions with a sponge or cloth soaked in the cleaning solution, focusing on the most heavily dirty areas. Do not rinse. Dry the area by either rubbing it with a clean towel or letting it air dry. To remove tough buildup or stains, you can either do the process again or let Stera-Sheen remain on the surface for a few minutes before cleaning. For the greatest results and to ensure safe and efficient usage of Stera-Sheen, always follow the manufacturer's recommendations.


Are there any special precautions or safety guidelines when using Stera-Sheen products?


  • Do not let particles settle in your lungs.
  • Be sure to clean your hands completely after handling.
  • Please only use in a well-ventilated outdoor area or outside.
  • Put on safety goggles, clothes, and/or face shields.


How often should Stera-Sheen be used to maintain optimal cleanliness in foodservice machines?


Stera-Sheen should be used as directed to keep foodservice machines clean. Machines used in the food service industry should be cleaned and sanitised on a daily basis, or at least after each usage, especially those that come into direct contact with food and drink. The frequency depends on the machine, usage, and local health restrictions.


Can Stera-Sheen be used in different temperatures or water conditions?


Stera-Sheen works in all temperatures and water conditions. It works in hot and cold water also in hard or mineral-rich water. Stera-Sheen cleans thoroughly regardless of water conditions.


Can Stera-Sheen Green Label be used on stainless steel surfaces without causing damage?


Yes. Stera-Sheen Green Label Sanitizer and Cleaner cleans and sanitises acrylic, glass, glazed ceramic, enamelled, and porcelain surfaces, laminated surfaces, linoleum, metal, plastics like nylon, polystyrene, or polypropylene, rubber, stainless steel, and vinyl when used as directed.




Are Stera-Sheen Green Label products safe to use on all types of commercial foodservice machines?

Yes. If used according to the rules and instructions of the manufacturer Stera-Sheen is a food-safe cleaner that is very effective and safe for use in all professional kitchens.


Can Stera-Sheen effectively remove tough grease and grime from foodservice machines?

Yes. Stera-Sheen's active components degrade fats, oils, food particles, and other residues so that they can be more easily cleaned from the surfaces of commercial kitchen equipment.


Does Stera-Sheen Green label leave behind any residue or odors after cleaning?

No. Stera-Sheen Green label was created to be odourless, so it won't leave behind any flavours or odours that can change the taste of food cooked in freshly cleaned appliances.


Can Stera-Sheen Cleaners and Sanitizers help prevent bacteria and mold growth?

Yes. Stera-Sheen products have antimicrobial compounds that kill a wide variety of microorganisms, not just bacteria and mould.