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Best-Priced Taylor Machine Lubricant for Sale Online

Every industry must deal with the inconvenience of lubricant leaks and routine maintenance. Selecting appropriate heavy-duty lubricants presents unique difficulties to the food processing and pharmaceutical industries.

Food-grade lubricant must guard against wear, friction, corrosion, and oxidation; it must disperse heat and transfer power; it must be compatible with rubber and other sealing materials; and, in some situations, it must seal.

We offer Taylor machine lubricant for sale at the best prices. Taylor lubricant will prevent damage from wear, corrosion, and friction in commercial kitchen appliances.

It is used to reduce the effects of biological agents like viruses or spoilage organisms, as well as chemical agents like toxins, carcinogens, or mutagens, in the food processing sector.

Lubricants that meet the standards set by the food industry are used in facilities that process meat, poultry, and other foods. Different lubricants are sorted into groups according to how often they might interact with food. They are categorised globally as H1, H2, or H3 flights. A newly developed lubricant must meet the criteria for usage in one of these classes before it can be officially registered for sale. Although it is never intended that lubricants will be able to contaminate raw materials or finished goods, the food processing industry is one of the few where the implications of such contamination are particularly severe. Protocols and performance standards for this sector are developed that go well beyond those for conventional industrial lubricants.

H1 lubricants are designed for food processing facilities with incidental food contact. H2 lubricants, also called food-grade lubricants, are used in machinery where humans cannot touch it. H3 food-grade lubricants prevent corrosion on hooks, trolleys, and other metal hardware.


The Importance of Taylor Machine Lubricant in the Food Industry

When it comes to heavy-duty lubrication, the food processing industry is unlike any other. The use of pumps, mixers, tanks, hoses and pipes, chain drives, and conveyor belts are all necessary pieces of equipment for large-scale food processing.

Food-safe lubricants used in the production of food and pharmaceuticals must be resistant to breakdown and diminished performance due to contact with food products, certain process chemicals, water (including steam), and bacteria.

Taylor’s blue and red lubes are synthetic, H-1 food-grade petroleum lubricants made specifically for use in commercial kitchens.

Technical white mineral oils or USP-type white mineral oils are utilised in H1 food-grade lubricants. They are perfectly clear, have no discernible flavour or aroma, and won’t leave any stains. Oils classified as “technical white” are compliant with 21 CFR 178.3620. White mineral oils can vary in purity, but USP oils are the purest on the market.

Not all food-safe lubes can survive, let alone work, in temperature extremes like those experienced by soft serve equipment, which is why the Taylor High-Performance Lube was developed; when the freezer is producing ice cream, the lube must work at temperatures as low as minus 7/9 degrees C, and in the evening, when the pasteurisation cycle is running, the same lube must function at temperatures around 65-70 degrees C.


Benefits of Using Taylor Machine Lubricant


The Taylor Company has been around since 1926 and has since gained a stellar reputation for its innovative engineering and dedicated customer care.

When it comes to lubricants safe for use in the food industry, few companies compare to Taylor Machine Lubricant. It has a number of unique qualities that make it a good fit for a wide range of uses in the food industry.

  • Taylor Machine Lubricant has earned the NSF H1 registration, demonstrating that it satisfies the strictest quality and safety requirements established by the USDA. It is safe for use in appliances that come into touch with food because it is made without hazardous chemicals or tainting agents.
  • Taylor Blue Lube Lubricant can be used in a wide variety of situations — on everything from ice cream machines to gaskets and sanitary pumps in a commercial kitchen.
  • Designed specifically for use in food processing machinery, beer kegs, and soft serve machines. Waterproof and sticky, so it stays in place.
  • It’s certified for use with all Taylor machines, is colourless and odourless.
  • Metal-on-metal contact (like auger shafts) is completely safe and efficient.


Why Choose Us?


FryOilSaver is the first choice for any professional chef in need of deep fryer oil management solutions.

We offer free shipping to customers in the United States and are the leading online reseller of Taylor lubrication for the food industry. Taylor lubricant is designed to prevent damage from wear, friction, corrosion, and oxidation in commercial kitchen appliances.

Our staff is committed to helping you achieve peak performance from your kitchen equipment, including frozen dessert and ice cream machines. Your business will save money without sacrificing quality or satisfaction. Our variety of bulk purchase choices is a terrific resource for businesses big and small. Visit our online shop to purchase your next batch of Taylor HP lubricant.


Best Selling Taylor High-Performance Lubricants

Taylor makes red and blue lube, both of which are suitable for use in soft-serve machines. Blue or red lube can be used in a machine that has not undergone heat treatment and is being cleaned every three days. We also offer frying oil filter machines, magnesol fry oil management and miroil fry oil management.


Taylor Blue Lube, 1 x Heavy Duty Sanitary Lubricant

  • 4 oz. odourless tube, NSF certified, non-hazardous.
  • Complies with USDA H-1 requirements from 1998. Designed for use in the food industry, this lubricant is safe for use on all machinery.
  • Use with Taylor, Soft-Serve, and Yoghurt Machines. Excellent for use in sealing and lubricating all types of seals, including those found in coffee makers, pool filters, and brewing equipment. Compatible with: Stoelting, Taylor, 47518.
  • Remember, RED LUBE for HOT, BLUE LUBE for NOT!


Taylor Blue Lube, 4 x Heavy Duty Sanitary Lubricant

  • NSF-approved, non-hazardous, odourless, 4×4-ounce tube.
  • Meets the H-1 criteria set by the USDA in 1998. This lubricant was developed specifically for use in the food sector and can be used on any machine.
  • Compatible with Taylor, Soft-Serve, and Yoghurt Makers— Stoelting, Taylor, Kappus, 47518. Useful for sealing and lubricating seals in a wide variety of applications, from coffee machines to pool filters to brewers.
  • Keep in mind that RED LUBE means HOT and BLUE LUBE means NOT.

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