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Cooking oil filter equipment helps you retain the quality of fry oil in commercial kitchens. Your deep fryer oil degrades daily due to high heat and contaminants. As a result the food absorbs the degraded oil and loses its fresh, light taste. Therefore, your brand and repeat business will suffer. Fry oil filtering and used fry oil replacement is an essential task in your well-run kitchen. We specialize in cooking oil filter equipment to keep your customers singing your praises, as they return again and again. You too will smile as you cut the costs of cooking oil maintenance.

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  • Miroil 30 litre 6 gallon pail for fry oil storage
  • Bulk Stera-Sheen Red Label Fryer Filter Cleaner
  • Magnesol Fry Oil Filter Powder 2x22lb Box
  • Magnesol Fry Oil Filter Powder 40lb Box
  • FryOilSaver High Heat Cleaning Brush
  • Miroil Filter Pot With Lid 60l
  • Miroil B5FS EZ Flow Oil Filter Bag with Snaps
  • Miroil Fry Powder Oil Stabilizer 46x 160ml Packets.jpg
  • Steramine Santizer Tablets Sanitabs
  • Miroil B6PS/02852 EZ Flow Filter Assembly
  • Magnesol Fry Oil Filter Powder 22lb Box
  • Miroil Fry Powder Oil Stabilizer 90x 160ml Packs
  • Miroil Filter Pot With Lid 60l
  • MirOil Fryer Oil Filter Bag RB33PS
  • Brushtech Stemware cleaning brush
  • Box of Milkstone Remover Sanitizer Packets
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  • Brushtech B53C L shape fryer Drain Cleaning Brush
  • Brushtech B51C Fryer Basket Cleaning Brush
  • MirOil Oil Filter Bag
  • Bulk pack of Stera-Sheen Grill Surface Cleaner
  • Miroil Fry Oil Skim Filter Bag and Frame
  • 2 Cartons Miroil Fry Powder Oil Stabilizer
  • Miroil LF101 Antioxidant Fry Liquid 3x1 Liter
  • Chef Master Extra Sharp Griddle Scraper
  • Set of Deep Fryer Cleaning Tools
  • Miroil RB5FS EZ Flow Oil Filter Bag
  • Miroil Frypowder Oil Stabilizer 3 Gallons
  • Brushtech Extra Long Flexible Drain Brush
  • Miroil Frypowder Oil Stabilizers
  • 2 Cartons Miroil Fry Powder Oil Stabilizer
  • B22FS Held in Hand 2 MirOil Filter Bag
  • 2 Cartons Miroil Fry Powder Oil Stabilizer B Size
  • Miroil LF101 Antioxidant Fry Liquid 1 Liter
  • Fryer Drain Declogger Rod
  • Food Safe Sanitizing Machine Lube 12 Tubes
  • 4 Tubes of Food Safe Sanitizing Machine Lube
  • Stera-Sheen Grill Non-Caustic Grill Surface Cleaner
  • Miroil Frying Oil Testing Kit

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  • Miroil Fry Powder Oil Stabilizer 72x 240ml Packs
  • Miroil 6 Gal Utility Pail with Measuring Gauge
  • Crumb Removal Scoop for Deep Fryers
  • One Clean Eco Super Cleaner 1 Quart
  • Goblet Cleaning Brush Brushtec
  • Brushtec Wine Glass and Goblet Cleaning Kit
  • Food Safe Soft Serve Machine Lube Tube
  • Miroil LF101 Antioxidant Fry Liquid 12x1 Liter
  • Brushtech B52C Fryer Drain Cleaning Brush
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Why You Should use Fry Oil Filters

The process of deep-frying heats fry oil up to temperatures that degrade the oil and change its chemical makeup. Read: Tips for Optimum Deep Frying Conditions. This results in the accumulation of unhealthy oil break down substances. In addition, when you’re frying your foods, pieces of food and breading can be left in the oil, and these particles need to be removed so that your food remains at peak quality and your machine doesn’t get clogged up.

In addition, gunk in the oil makes it slower to heat, costing you more in electricity and time. More importantly, gunk in the oil is not healthy as the bits carbonize and this is carcinogenic.

So, to keep your food amazing, save electricity and serve healthy product you would have to change your oil after 8 to 10 uses. UNLESS - you keep your oil in peak condition by filtering it or treating it with additives. This increases the lifespan of your oil by up to 50% letting you serve the best food for half the oil costs. Frying oil can account for 10% or more of overall food costs. Reducing frying costs will help increase profits and oil quality will keep customers coming back for more.

Manual cooking oil filtration and electric / machine cooking oil filtration systems remove the oil, clean out the leftover particles, and replace the oil so it can be reused.

We have brought together the cooking oil filter equipment you will need to achieve this, all in one place. Whether you have a filtering machine or use a manual filtering system, we have the state-of-the-art deep fry oil extenders to help you with the cooking oil filtration process - the Magnesol deep fry oil powder range for filtering machines and the Miroil deep fry oil antioxidant and fry oil powder range for manual filtering.

In addition, we have fryer oil filtering machines, EZ flow filters and filter pots for manual filtration and all the fry oil filtration accessories you need to clean and sanitize your deep fryers and your kitchen. Test strips tell you how much the shortening in your oil has broken down, so you know exactly when your used oil needs to be replaced. Filter bags let the liquid oil run through while catching the solid pieces of food and debris. Fryer oil stabilizers let you fry foods at lower temperatures, which conserves energy and helps extend the life of your oil.

Make the best fried food in town!

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