Sanitizer Tablets

Shop online at The FryOilSaver Company for Steramine concentrated sterilizer tablets with FREE SHIPPING in the USA. The EPA and USDA approve Steramine, as a safe and effective sanitizing solution for use in restaurants, bars, daycare centers, gyms and more. Choose the best multi-purpose cleaner for sanitizing food contact surfaces.

Steramine Sanitizer Tablets

Shop online at The FryOilSaver Company for Steramine concentrated sterilizer tablets with FREE SHIPPING in the USA. The EPA and USDA approve Steramine, as a safe and effective sanitizing solution for use in restaurants, bars, daycare centers, gyms and more. Choose the best multi-purpose cleaner for sanitizing food contact surfaces.

1 bottle of Steramine is equal to 150 gallons of sanitizing solution!

Steramine 1-G Sanitizer tablets offer outstanding additional benefits compared to other sanitizer tables. Read more about the benefits of using Steramine below.

Steramine 1-G Sanitizer Tablets meet all public health and regulatory criteria for safety and effectiveness by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency, U.S Public Health Service, and the U.S Food and Drug Administration.
View the EPA Gold Seal letter

Frequently asked questions
about Steramine
Does Steramine contain Chlorine?
No, Steramine is not a Chlorine sanitizer, it is a QUAT sanitizer, or Quaternary Ammonium.
Is Steramine safe?
Yes. Steramine meets all public health and regulatory criteria for safety and effectiveness by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency, U.S Public Health Service, and the U.S Food and Drug Administration.
Does Steramine have a EPA registration number?
Yes, Steramine is registered with the EPA. The Steramine EPA reg number is 1561-11, which is shown on the label.
What are the ingredients of Steramine?
The ingredients of Steramine are as follows: (Quarternary) Alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium Chloride dihydrate 50 % (Biocide), Sodium bicarbonate 29.9% (Buffer), Ammonium chloride 12% (Buffer), Dextrin 5% (diluent), Calcium Stearate 3% (Processing aid), Methylene Blue 0.1% (Dye)
Where can I find the MSDS for Steramine?
The MSDS for Steramine Sanitizing Tablets can be downloaded at the following link: Click here
How do I test a solution made from Steramine tablets?
Steramine should be tested using QUAT test trips which can be purchased here: Click here. Dishes are best sanitized between 200-400 part per million in water above room temperature.
Does Steramine lose strength over time once mixed?
No, Steramine maintains its strength once diluted. It will maintain its effectiveness until your solution is used up. It does not loose its effectiveness when mixed with water.
Can I use Steramine in my 3 compartment sink as the sanitizer?
Steramine is the ideal triple sink sanitizer. Set up 1 compartment with hot soapy water, 1 cool water rinse and the 3rd with hot water, mixed with Steramine sanitizer. Soak items in the Steramine solution for 3-4 minutes then air dry on a rack. 1 tablet will make 1 Gallon of correct strength sanitizer.
Can Steramine be used in a Dishwasher?
Yes. Steramine is ideal for a third sink sanitizer but it can also simply be added to the dishwater. This allows dishes to be soaped and sanitized at the same time.
Can Steramine be used as a spray sanitizer?
Yes, Steramine is great used as a spray sanitizer. Be careful not to breathe in the solution, and avoid contact with eyes.
Can I use Steramine to sanitize dishes and plastic food containers?
Yes, that is what Steramine is designed to do. Food service establishments that hand wash dishes typically have three sinks: one for washing with detergent, one for rinsing in plain water, and the third is a dip in sanitizer solution which is not rinsed off. Steramine is what would be in that third sink.
Do Steramine tablets expire? What is the shelf life?
Steramine has a shelf life of approximately 10 years. The date listed with MFG on the bottle is the date of manufacture. It is not the expiry date.
Can I use Steramine as a hand sanitizer?
No, Steramine is not to be used as a hand sanitizer. It is to be used to sanitize non-porous surfaces only.
Does Steramine kill the herpes virus?
This is not indicated on the label. It does list the following: CA-MRSA (Community Associated Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus), Escherichia coli, HIV-1 (Aids Virus), Listeria monocytogenes and Staphylococcus aureus.
Can Steramine be used to wash fruit and vegetables?
No, Steramine is a hard surface cleaner and should not be used on food or porous surfaces. This is labeled specifically for use on glassware, dinner ware and utensils.
Can Steramine be used to sanitize when camping?
Steramine is very good for non-porous sanitizing camping items. Use in a three part series when camping: 1. wash - 2. rinse - 3. sanitize.
Can I use Steramine to sanitize a menstrual cup?
Yes, Steramine will work very well to sanitize a menstrual cup after washing it.
Does Steramine work for sanitizing home brewing equipment?
Yes, Steramine is a food grade sanitizer and will work very well to sanitize home brewing equipment.
Is Steramine a no rinse sanitizer? Does it have to be rinsed off?
Steramine is a no rinse sanitizer. Do not rinse or dry down after soaking. Leave to air dry.
Why does Steramine turn blue when dissolved?
The active ingredient in Steramine is colorless and odorless. This means that when added to water would be indistinguishable from water itself, which is dangerous. Therefore the EPA requires the manufacturer to add a blue dye to make the user aware of its presence when dissolved.
Will Steramine stain my linens blue?
Steramine is recommended for use on hard non porous surfaces. If used on porous surfaces such as fabrics, it may discolor. The stronger the solution the darker the dye. It is recommended to test first on a small inconspicuous area if you are unsure.

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Best-Priced Steramine Sanitizing Tablets for Sale Online


A major food safety issue is the presence of harmful microorganisms. In order to safeguard the public's health from the dangers of disease transmission through the cross-contamination of dirty surfaces, the Public Health Regulations mandate that all inanimate food contact surfaces be adequately cleaned and sanitised.

We offer a range of Steramine Sanitizer Tablets for sale at the best prices online.

In the course of typical food preparation, handling, and consumption, food contact surfaces get contaminated with microorganisms. Bacteria like E. coli can spread to any surface if it comes into touch with raw meat, poultry, or fish.

STERAMINE 1-G TABLETS are the first sanitising product to pass the EPA's stringent testing methods and get registration as an approved product for the elimination of infectious microorganisms, including CA-MRSA, E-Coli, Listeria monocytogenes and Staphylococcus aureus.


The Importance of Steramine Sanitizer in the Food Industry


The use of anti-microbial sanitizers is a cornerstone of the ever-evolving food industry's commitment to the purest hygiene practises. Commercial kitchen sanitation has an extensive and colourful past that dates back to ancient times when the importance of keeping food safe from contamination was first recognised. In today's world, where food safety and quality are of the utmost importance, anti-microbial sanitizers play a crucial role in preventing the spread of disease.


The importance of cleanliness cannot be overstated within the buzzing walls of a commercial kitchen, where a harmony of flavours and fragrances play out. Everything in the kitchen, from the counters to the utensils, can be a source of germs and disease. Enter the anti-microbial sanitizers, armed with their potent and  perfect combination of chemistry and efficiency, neutralising and eliminating bacteria to guarantee that every bite served is as safe as it is delicious.


Due to increasingly strict standards and the increasingly refined tastes of modern consumers, anti-microbial sanitizers have become standard equipment in the food processing industry. These disinfectants serve as unsung heroes, toiling away undetected to keep things clean behind the scenes. They safeguard the well-being of guests and the prosperity of restaurants by preventing cross-contamination and the spread of food-borne diseases.


Although trends in cuisine may come and go in the present day, the dedication to cleanliness has not wavered. The consistent application of anti-microbial sanitizers in the food business is evidence of the sector's persistent commitment to ensuring customers' health and safety.


Benefits of Using Steramine Sanitizing Tablets




Small things such as cutlery, dishes and other tableware can be sterilised by soaking them in a solution of steramine in a separate third washbasin basin. It's also handy for spraying onto surfaces or wiping down equipment. Large, nonporous surfaces can be sprayed, including kitchen and bathroom fixtures, appliances, storage units and even your favourite golf equipment.


Steramine is a great product to sanitise food dispensing machinery such soda and juice dispensers, frozen yoghurt and soft serve ice cream makers, and coffee makers.


User Friendly and Safe


Sanitising solutions are safe for use on skin, won't eat away at metal, won't leave any stains, and won't leave any unpleasant odours behind. Most sanitizers, with the exception of Steramine, are classified as "category 1 hazards" by the EPA. This means that improper use can cause serious harm or even death. Steramine is milder and less irritating to the skin and hands than alternatives such iodine compounds, chlorine compounds, and liquid quarts. Working with this disinfectant does not necessitate the use of any safety equipment.


Excellent Cost per Use


Tablets of steramine are an extremely potent form of antiseptic. Each tablet has 50% active chemicals, while most liquid hand sanitizers contain between 2% and 12%. This means that shipping costs per gallon are lower, and if you order from within the United States, shipping is free. No more cumbersome bottles of sanitizers to store and transport; these handy tablets take the guesswork out of dosing and safeguard against accidental waste. In most cases, a single application of a sanitising solution will be sufficient to keep an area clean for an entire day. All of these benefits can be yours for the low, low price of a few cents per gallon.


Absence of Flavour and Residue


The antibacterial properties of Steramine ensure that even the dirtiest dishes and silverware are left spotless. No coating or residue will be left behind, and you won't even need to rinse it off. There is no aftertaste or unpleasant odour left by the solution, thus it does not change the flavour of food.


Practical in terms of both portability, storage and usability


No more messing around with measuring out liquid sanitizers; each Steramine tablet is pre-measured. In order to create a 200 ppm solution, simply dissolve one tablet in one gallon of water. Steramine is more convenient to store than liquid alternatives because one container has enough tablets to produce 150 gallons of disinfectant.


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Steramine Sanitizer Tablets Best Sellers


Steramine Concentrated Sanitizer Tablets with QT10 Test Strips are available bottles containing 150 tablets each. Case packs are 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 or 72 x 150 Count Bottles.


Used in kitchens and drinking spots everywhere! The EPA has officially recognised Steramine Sanitizer Tablets as an effective sanitizer against the spread of HIV-1 (the AIDS virus) and other infectious microorganisms when used as directed. Considering that one bottle may be used to create 150 gallons of cleaning solution, it is both highly cost-effective and quite versatile. U.S. Public Health Service sanitation standards are met as well.


One tablet should be added per gallon of water. They come in a convenient pre-measured tablet form. One bottle of tablets yields enough disinfecting solution for 150 gallons at 200 ppm.

Although it was designed for industrial use, Steramine Steriliser is perfectly adequate as a low-cost option for disinfecting the home. The tablets, when dissolved in water, give the liquid a distinct pale blue hue, making the solution apparent.