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ONE CLEAN Products are 100% safe, eco-friendly GREEN cleaning products for restaurant kitchens. A money saving, multi-surface, multi-use cleaner that is easy to use. One Clean products are super cleaners, safe for you and the environment. One Clean Kitchen Super Cleaner has all the advantages of industrial strength without the harmful chemicals!

  • One Clean Concentrated Eco-Friendly Degreaser – 1 Gal

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Best-Priced OneClean Products for Sale Online


For over 25 years, OneClean has given consumers one of the safest and most used cleaning products available.  The special formula starts working as soon as it comes into contact with a surface. OneClean is a green cleaning product that is safe for the environment, can be used indoors and outdoors, and is effective at removing oil, fat, and grease from a wide variety of surfaces without the need for scrubbing.


We offer a range of OneClean products for sale at competitive prices online.


What was formerly reserved for multinational enterprises is now in everyone’s reach. It is a non-corrosive green super cleaner that is perfect for use in commercial kitchens because it includes no butyl or hazardous chemicals. No adverse effects on the skin are to be expected from its use with bare hands.


The Importance of OneClean in the Food Industry


The food industry relies heavily on OneClean solutions because they provide a highly effective cleaning solution that puts safety and environmental sustainability first. OneClean’s formulation was developed to address the unique sanitation challenges faced by the food service industry.

The precise manufacturing process of One Clean products is confidential and may vary between product varieties and formulas.


The revolutionary nature of OneClean resides in its proprietary recipe, which incorporates cutting-edge cleaning chemicals with biodegradable materials. OneClean is able to successfully remove difficult stains, grease, and dirt from industrial kitchens thanks to its precisely balanced combination that does not compromise on safety or the environment.


The OneClean solution was developed with food safety in mind. There are no dangerous chemicals or poisonous compounds present that could taint food or endanger workers. This is an extremely important consideration for preserving food safety standards and avoiding the introduction of new dangers during the cleaning process.


Benefits of Using OneClean Products


Cleaner with Multiple Uses


Reduce the number of products you need to keep your home clean by using this one universal cleaner. One Clean won’t scratch or harm delicate materials, including:


Ventilation systems and air purification systems for the kitchen;

All of the kitchen and bathroom fixtures and fittings;

Stoves, ovens, pots, pans and fryers;

Surfaces like tiles, concrete, asphalt, walls, and walkways.


Biodegradable and non-toxic


There is no butyl or any other harmful chemical in OneClean, and it is non-flammable, non-abrasive, and non-toxic. Because it does not leave behind any unpleasant odours or toxic fumes, this cleaner is perfect for use in food service establishments.


Neither special attire nor protective gear is required for its use. In compliance with federal, state, and municipal requirements, you can either send the waste to a chemical waste landfill or have it incinerated.


OneClean is safe for use around food and with bare hands, and it has no adverse effects if consumed. Although when inhaling the product it could cause irritation. If it gets in your eyes, you can experience some redness and irritation.The product satisfies the requirements for Type (A1), (A4), (A5), and (A8) Products as set forth by the USDA.


Conveniently Simple to Use


Using a single product for all your cleaning duties is a simple way to save time and effort.


As soon as the potent and concentrated OneClean solution comes into contact with a surface, it begins to dissolve oil, fat, and hardened baked-on cooking grease.


Scrubbing is unnecessary. All you have to do is spray it on, let it sit for a while, and then rinse it off with water. Protect your surfaces from wear and tear while reducing your time, water, and labour usage.



Why Choose Us?


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OneClean Best Sellers


One Clean Concentrated Eco-Friendly Degreaser


Available in single bottle capacity: 1 gal / 3.79 litres or 946 ml or a box of 4 x 1gal bottles.


The nonabrasive cleanser has no risk of abrasion and requires no special training or bulky protective gear before usage. Grease and grime are simple to scrub away.


Use a whole bottle of One Clean and spray it on a hot oven to clean it. Hold off for 5-10 minutes, then scrub with the green pad and wash off with fresh water.


Although a full strength load can be sprayed on a hot grill, the grill must be turned off before the spraying can be completed. Don’t turn off the vent fan. Use a pot brush and water to clean.

To clean a fryer boil-out drain the oil from the fryer, pour one gallon of OneClean into the oil vat, and fill with water up to the line indicator. Always protect yourself from splashes and steam by donning protective gear including gloves, an apron, and goggles. For best results, boil for an hour, drain, and then rinse twice.


OneClean can be used to clean tile floors in the kitchen or bathroom by adding one ounce to a gallon of water. Clean with a damp mop and then rinse with hot, clean water.


For extreme soil pollution, a full strength application of OneClean should be used to clean drive-thrus, parking lots, and forecourts. When working on a somewhat light soiled surface, use without first soaking the surface and combine with equal parts water. Wait at least three hours to rinse after soaking.

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