Fry Oil Management

Fry oil management is the most important task for any commercial kitchen that uses deep fryers


There are two main reasons that make fry oil management essential. The first reason revolves around customer satisfaction. If your customers love what they eat, they will return again and again. However, if your quality see-saws between light, fresh, crisp and tasty to soggy, burnt, and tasting of other foods, they will not return. In addition, customers are knowledgeable about the health hazards of fried food, and poor quality will put up another red flag in their mind. The quality of your food is directly related to the quality of your fry oil.

The second reason is cost. Good fry oil is not cheap and according to research amounts to 10% of the product cost. If you implement a good fry oil management system, you can extend the life of your fry oil by 50%. This is not only cost saving but ensures the quality of your product.

Here we will be sharing useful articles and tips on all aspects of fry oil management - from purchase to discard.