Fryer Oil Filter Powders

Fryer Oil Filter Powders can either be add directly into the oil in the fryer or you can use them in a filter machine. Add edible fry oil filter powders, such as Miroil FryPowder directly into the fry oil in the fryer. They help prevent oil breakdown at high temperatures. They also act as a filter aid during the oil filtration process.

Alternatively, add inedible deep fryer powders like Magnesol to a frying oil filter machine. During filtration, the effective particles in Magnesol powder act as a magnet and remove food debris. Magnesol also removes soluble liquid impurities which contribute to off flavors and odors.

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  • Magnesol Fry Oil Filter Powder 2x22lb Box
  • Magnesol Fry Oil Filter Powder 40lb Box
  • Magnesol Fry Oil Filter Powder 22lb Box
  • Miroil Fry Powder Oil Stabilizer 90x 160ml Packs
  • Miroil Fry Powder Oil Stabilizer 46x 160ml Packets.jpg
  • Miroil Fry Powder Oil Stabilizer 72x 240ml Packs
  • 2 Cartons Miroil Fry Powder Oil Stabilizer
  • Miroil Frypowder Oil Stabilizer 3 Gallons
  • 2 Cartons Miroil Fry Powder Oil Stabilizer B Size
  • Miroil Frypowder Oil Stabilizers
  • 2 Cartons Miroil Fry Powder Oil Stabilizer

Why use Fryer Oil Filter Powders

  • Decreases oil uptake in food whilst frying
  • Slows the breakdown of fry oil
  • Extends the life of your oil
  • Extends the "sweet spot" frying period. Read more about the sweet spot of frying
  • Enables you to deliver quality food consistently
  • Saves on oil costs between 35% and 50%
  • Saves on electricity as clean oil heats faster
  • Saves on time with less oil changes

Cooking oil filter powder will keep your fryer's oil clean after every use. Fry oil powder is affordable for any business, including startups. They extend the life of every pound of your fryer's oil by helping to remove sediment, carbon deposits and fatty acids. This cuts back on the need for replacement oil. For additional products to go with your fryer filter powder, check out our manual filtration systems, electric filtration machines and fryer oil filtration accessories.

We offer filter powder in standard and bulk packaging. Simply add the powder to your existing fryer oil or run your filtration machine and save your establishment time and money.

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