Fryer Oil Filter Powders

Fryer Oil Filter Powders can either be added directly into the oil in the fryer or you can use them in a filter machine. Add food-safe fry oil filter powders, such as Miroil FryPowder directly into the fry oil in the fryer. They help prevent oil breakdown at high temperatures. They also act as a filter aid during the oil filtration process.

Best-Priced Fryer Oil Filter Powders for Sale Online

Powdered fryer oil filters can be used in a filtering machine or sprinkled straight into the oil. Add food-safe fry oil filter powders like Miroil FryPowder straight to the fry oil in the fryer. They protect oil from degradation when temperatures rise.They also serve as a filter support In the course of oil filtration.

The filter powder functions as a filtration aid when added to hot oil, facilitating the removal of contaminants like carbonised particles and sediment. It helps to extend the life of the frying oil by lowering the formation of unwanted flavours and maintaining a cleaner frying environment. To maximise oil filtration and guarantee consistent frying outcomes, fryer oil filter powders are typically employed in tandem with a filtering system or fryer oil filtering machine.


How does Fry Powder Work?

Commercial kitchens rely on fryer oil filter powders, which are specialised products that help preserve the quality of frying oil. These powders are typically made from a combination of food-grade components, such as diatomaceous earth or cellulose, that have strong oil-absorbing properties.

Powders used in oil filters for deep fryers are made to make filtration more efficient and boost oil quality. These powders remove pollutants and impurities from oil when added to heated oil. Carbonised particles, food debris, and other impurities are easily trapped and removed by the filter powder’s porous structure and large surface area on the powder particles themselves. By forming a filter bed as it moves through the oil, the powder traps and immobilises these contaminants so they can’t contaminate subsequent batches of fried food. The filter powder can also aid in refining the oil by lowering the amount of suspended particulates, leading to more visually appealing frying oil.


Benefits Of Using Fryer Oil Filter Fry Powder

  • The use of a filter powder for cooking oil ensures that the oil in your fryer is always clean. The cost of fry oil powder is low enough that even new businesses can afford it. By assisting in the removal of silt, carbon deposits, and fatty acids, they increase the lifespan of every pound of oil in your fryer. As a result, less new oil will be required.
  • In addition, the Fryer Oil Filter Powder:
  • Reduces food’s absorption of oil while frying
  • Slows the oil’s breakdown, so it lasts longer.
  • Helps maintain optimal cooking conditions for longer.
  • Allows for the constant delivery of high-quality food
  • Reduces oil expenses by 35% – 50%
  • Clean oil requires less energy to heat, reducing costs.
  • Spend less time waiting for oil changes.


Why use Fryer Oil Filter Powders

  • Decreases oil uptake in food whilst frying
  • Slows the breakdown of fry oil
  • Extends the life of your oil
  • Extends the “sweet spot” frying period. Read more about the sweet spot of frying
  • Enables you to deliver quality food consistently
  • Saves on oil costs between 35% and 50%
  • Saves on electricity as clean oil heats faster
  • Saves on time with less oil changes

Cooking oil filter powder will keep your fryer’s oil clean after every use. Fry oil powder is affordable for any business, including startups. They extend the life of every pound of your fryer’s oil by helping to remove sediment, carbon deposits and fatty acids. This cuts back on the need for replacement oil. For additional products to go with your fryer filter powder, check out our manual filtration systems, electric filtration machines and fryer oil filtration accessories.

We offer filter powder in standard and bulk packaging. Simply add the powder to your existing fryer oil or run your filtration machine and save your establishment time and money.


Best Sellers


Magnesol Fryer Oil Filter Powder – 1x 22 lb Box

Magnesol extends the life of fry oil by twice as much, and also reduces the cost of frying oil by half. If you frequently filter your oil with Magnesol, your fried food will be crisp, golden, and tasty. If you’re using a filter machine, gently sprinkle some Magnesol onto the filter paper or filter screen. Fry oil and other cooking oils can be used for a longer period of time and remain fresher if contaminated substances are first removed with Magnesol.

No other purifier on the market is like it. The particles of magnesol have magnetic properties. They draw out contaminants from fry oil, such as food scraps and liquids, during the filtration process. These contaminants provide undesirable flavours and odours to fried foods. Additionally, they aid in the breakdown of oil.

This substance is a safe, pure white powder that satisfies the standards set out by U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) and the Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives of the World Health Organisation for food grade.


MirOil L106 FryPowder Oil Stabilizer 8 Gallons – 2x 4 Gal

By using Miroil FryPowder, an absorbent filter aid and antioxidant oil stabiliser, you can save 25% to 40% on energy costs while maintaining the quality of your frying oil. Miroil Frypowder delays the formation of gum and carbon deposits in fryer oil, keeping it more usable for longer. Miroil fry powder comes in pre-measured sachets, making it simple to add to heated oil before each 6- to 8-hour frying session. Miroil FryPowder-treated oil never smokes or foams.

Miroil Fry Powder allows the fryer to function at a reduced temperature, which helps the food retain moisture while cooking. It slows down the food’s moisture from evaporating into the oil as the temperature rises during frying. Fry oil does not like water.


Magnesol Fryer Oil Filter Powder – 90 x 4.8 oz Portion Sachets

When you filter your oil on a regular basis, Magnesol assures crisp, golden, and tasty fried dishes.

  • Pack of 90 – Magnesol Fryer Filter Powder Conveniently Packaged in Sachets
  • The powder in a single sachet weighs in at 4.8 ounces.
  • The ratio of Magnesol power to Frying oil is 1 dry ounce per 10 pounds of oil. Example: For every 50 pounds of oil, add one part sachet (4.8 ounces).
  • Magnesol filters, when used regularly, extend the period of time during which oil can be used for frying by more than two times.
  • Fried foods will taste better and the oil will last longer if it is cleaned regularly.
  • Having fried oil that lasts longer means you may save money and make more money.
  • By using Magnesol on a daily basis, unpleasant odours and aromas in oil are removed.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is fryer filter powder?

White and completely safe, fryer filter powder is an additive that keeps cooking oil fresh for longer. It does this by filtering out both solid and dissolved contaminants from recycled oil, bringing it up to the standards for use in food production stipulated by the FDA, NSF, and the JECFA of the WHO.


What does fryer filter powder do?

Fryer powder is an interesting adsorbent since it can clump together gums and stop carbon deposits. As the powder circulates through the oil, it creates a filter bed that catches and immobilises the pollutants, preventing them from contaminating future batches of fried food.


What is fryer filter powder made of?

It is a hydrous, amorphous, synthetic type of magnesium silicate. Filtering old fry oil through this nontoxic chemical eliminates both insoluble and soluble contaminants.


Is filtering fryer oil worth it?

Yes.The powder reduces oil purchases by as much as 50%.


How do you purify oil in a deep fryer?

To absorb contaminants, sprinkle the powder evenly over the oil and stir gently. Let it settle for a few minutes to clump, then filter or strain the oil again to remove the powder and trapped contaminants.


Does fry powder work?

Yes. Fryer oil filter powder removes impurities and particles from frying oil to increase its lifespan. While results may vary from user to user, many have found that fryer oil filter powder greatly improves the quality and shelf life of their frying oil.

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