Frying Oil Filter Bags and Frames

The MirOil reusable Frying Oil Filters effectively remove more micron-size food particles than high priced paper filters. They will do up to 1000 filtering sessions at a fraction of the cost of paper filters! It’s also easy to clean with hot water and does not require daily cleaning, saving you on time and labor costs. Of course, they remove the big stuff too! The polyethylene polymer used for the bags is extremely strong and conforms to Chapter 21 of the US Code for Food Safe and Compatible Materials. This material has been thoroughly tested and doesn’t leak chemicals into oil like normal filter papers. It’s long been regarded as the superior quality frying oil filtration medium available worldwide. These long-life filter bags are washable, re-useable and are made in the USA.

Best-Priced Reusable Fryer Oil Filter Bags for Sale Online

More food particles, down to the microscopic level, are trapped in the MirOil reusable Frying Oil Filters than in expensive paper filters. These micron bags are extremely fine, durable, and washable; they will collect every last particle of batter, crumb, meat, sugar, or seasoning from your deep fryer. You can expect up to a 1,000 uses out of them, and they only cost a fraction of what paper filters do. It doesn’t need to be cleaned every day, so you’ll save time and energy by just washing it with hot water. Of course, they also take away the big stuff! The polyethylene polymer used to make the bags is exceptionally durable and complies with Chapter 21 of the United States Code for Food Safe and Compatible Materials.

Depending on its crystalline structure, polyethylene, a thermoplastic polymer, can be used for a wide variety of purposes. This material has been extensively tested and, unlike conventional filter paper, does not leach chemicals into oil. It has a long history of being considered the best filtration media for frying oil everywhere in the globe. Made in the USA, these reusable fry oil filter bags for sale in our online store can be washed and used multiple times.


The Importance of Filter Bags in The Food Industry

Maintaining the highest quality and safety requirements in the food sector relies heavily on the use of filter bags. These bags are used throughout the manufacturing process to collect and eliminate contaminants such as silt, toxins, and unnecessary particles. Because oil filter bags are so efficient at removing impurities, you can be assured that your finished food products are safe and tasty.

In addition to prolonging the useful life of machines and tools, filter bags help keep them free of the debris that can clog them and cause harm. These bags improve operating efficiency by minimising downtime and maintenance expenses thanks to constant and dependable filtering. Filter bags provide an essential first line of defence, allowing you to meet the stringent quality, purity, and safety standards required by the United States Code for Food Safe and Compatible Materials.


Benefits of Reusable Fryer Oil Filter Bags

  • Save Money: By switching to reusable filter bags, you can save money without sacrificing quality. These bags can be washed and reused, unlike disposable alternatives, which necessitate regular replacements. Save on replacement costs and garbage collection costs.
  • Consistent Quality: Reusability requires frequent maintenance and cleaning, ensuring consistent filtration performance, making it perfect for quality control. Optimal filter efficiency lets you meet strict quality control standards, producing delicious, appealing, and premium products.
  • Efficiency: Reusable oil filter bags efficiently capture and remove pollutants. They trap dirt, grit, and other pollutants, making food oil cleaner and safer.
  • Versatility: Because of their size and micron rating, reusable oil filter bags can be utilised throughout the food processing chain. They can be used for frying, oil clarifying, and other filtration tasks.


Why Choose MirOil Filter Bags

  • MirOil filter bags are constructed of durable, food-grade materials that can be washed repeatedly.
  • They can withstand high heat and heavy use in industrial kitchens.
  • Its fine mesh filters out even the smallest contaminants, leaving cleaner, clearer oil.
  • MirOil filter bags integrate seamlessly with MirOil filtration systems for better oil filtering.
  • MirOil cooking oil filter bags are easy to use. They have handles or drawstrings for easy use and disposal.
  • The time and effort required for the filtration process is greatly reduced.
  • MirOil filter bags are available in several micron levels. You can filter oil using a coarse bag or a fine bag, depending on what you need.
  • MirOil’s filter bags for their cooking oil are built to last. They can be used again and again if kept in good condition, cutting costs and helping the environment.


How to Choose a Filter Bag and Frame

  • Effectiveness; Assess the filter bag’s filtration effectiveness. Find bags with a fine mesh or adequate micron rating to trap cooking oil pollutants, sediment, and undesirable particles. Choose a bag that suits your filtration process.
  • Material Durability: Check the filter bag material. It should be food-grade, sturdy, and tolerate high temperatures and heavy use. Make sure the bag is made out of durable material that can withstand being torn, punctured, and degraded over a long time.
  • Size and Compatibility: Make sure the filter bag matches your equipment. To ensure a solid fit and best performance, check your filtration system or fryer compatibility. Avoid too-large or too-small bags, which may cause filtering issues or use issues.
  • Ease-of-use: Filter bags should be easy to handle and install. Handles, drawstrings, and other features make bag insertion, removal, and disposal easier. This improves efficiency and reduces spills.
  • Reusable: Is the filter bag reusable? While using reusable bags can save money and reduce waste over time, it is important to keep them clean and in good condition. Think about how simple the cleaning and upkeep processes are that will be needed to keep the bag in good shape for multiple uses.
  • Brand Performance: Read filter bag brand reviews. Choose reputable food brands. Pay attention to bag performance, durability, and user experience comments.


Best Sellers


Miroil EZ Flow Filter Assembly B6PS/02852 – With RB6PS Filter Bag

Strong enough to filter out even the heaviest crumb loads, the Miroil EZ Flow Filter assembly efficiently captures food particles as small as microns. Includes a reusable bag that clamps securely onto the holder frame for convenient storage.

These are compatible with the MirOil silver filter 60L, 60LC, 40L, and 40LC containers as well. Bag and frame sets are available (model B6PS), or you can buy just the bag (model #RB6PS).


MirOil 02742 Combination CONE2B Filter Bag with D Size Frame

Fry oil filtration made easy with the Miroil CONE 2B EZ Flow filter bag and D size frame. The MirOil 30L oil utility pail holds Six gallons and is a perfect fit.

The CONE 2B is better suited for big volumes of crumb since it can trap and remove more particles as small as one micron than even the most expensive paper filters. It can filter up to 1000 times at a fraction of the price of paper filters. It can be easily cleaned with hot water and doesn’t need to be cleaned every day, saving you time and money. Use with the Blue MirOil Oil Pail (Model #30L) for best results. The RCONE2B is the replacement bag available for separate purchase.


Frequently Asked Questions


How many times can you use the filter bag?

MirOil’s reusable filter bags can be used a 1000 times before needing to be replaced.


How many times can you reuse fryer oil?

Reuse the oil three or four times when frying breaded or battered meals. When frying foods like potato chips that don’t absorb as much oil as others, it’s safe to reuse the oil at least eight times.


How often should you filter fryer oil?

Change or filter the oil after six to eight uses for frying French fries or other non-breaded meals like vegetables. Change the oil after three to four uses for frying non-breaded meat or poultry. You should change the oil or filter it every two or three times you fried crumbed fish.

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