Natural Fry Oil Stabilizers & Antioxidants

Natural fry oil stabilizers and antioxidants remove unhealthy trans fats and oxidants from fry oils. Customers love fried food but they are aware of the health hazards. Commercial kitchen staff must address this issue for long term acceptance of fried foods. You should prevent oxidation build up because customers health is important. Oxidization also affects the quality of the food.

Our natural fry oil stabilizers and antioxidants are proven to do this job best. They add back oxidants lost from heat and cooking – this prevents unhealthy break down substances forming in the oil. You can satisfy your health conscious customers and extend your fry oil life by using our fry oil stabilizers.

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Why use Natural Fry Oil Stabilizers & Antioxidants

Generally, liquid oils are more sensitive to oxidation and they used to be hydrogenated to enhance stability for the food industry. However, considerable amounts of trans fatty acids are formed during hydrogenation, which have been proven to be undesirable from a nutritional and health point of view.

Nowadays consumers are well-informed about the health risks of trans fats and alternatives to hydrogenation to protect frying oils are essential.

Natural fry oil stabilizers are the alternative. They have been found to be most efficient at cleaning up cooking oils of trans fats and we bring these products to you in both standard and bulk packs to suit your needs.

Our range of natural fry oil stabilizers and antioxidants work well with our fry oil powders

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