Deep Fryer Accessories

Deep fryer accessories for commercial kitchens make your day to day tasks easier. Help your fry oil manager with deep fryer accessories needed for quality control and make sure you staff handling hot oil are safe with the correct safety gloves. We sell frying oil test strip kits for FFA concentration readings, filter cones, filter cone holders, filter papers and other accessories in standard or bulk packaging. We offer bulk buying options so smaller businesses can benefit from the best prices. Your fry oil maintenance plan is essential to ensure the best quality fry oil at the lowest cooking oil costs.

Keeping your deep fryers themselves clean and maintained are vital for attaining longer operation hours! No cleaning downtime means better profits. This is why we offer a range of heat resistant deep fryer cleaning tools to make the job of cleaning fryer tanks, fryer drains and fryer cooling systems quick and easy with zero downtime.

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