Degreasers, Cleaners & Sanitizers

You can exceed local and federal health agency standards using our range of  degreasers, cleaners and sanitizers. We stock the best commercial kitchen degreasers, cleaners and sanitizers for all dirty, grimy and greasy surfaces including stainless steel. Keep your kitchen equipment, machines and appliances clean with the best affordable carbon removers and cleaning products.

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  • Bulk Stera-Sheen Red Label Fryer Filter Cleaner
  • Steramine Santizer Tablets Sanitabs
  • Box of Milkstone Remover Sanitizer Packets
  • Bulk pack of Stera-Sheen Grill Surface Cleaner
  • Stera-Sheen Grill Non-Caustic Grill Surface Cleaner
  • One Clean Eco Super Cleaner 1 Quart
  • One Clean Eco Super Cleaner for Restaurants
  • Bulk Urn Clean Brewing Equipment Sanitizer
  • One Clean Concentrated Eco Friendly Green Degreaser 4x 1 Gallon
  • Sani-Tea Brewer Cleaner and Sanitizer Bulk Box

Uses For Degreasers, Cleaners and Sanitizers

  • Remove Milkstone from dairy machines
  • Degrease, Sanitize and clean all commercial kitchen surfaces
  • Clean and Sanitize Tea and coffee dispensers
  • Clean and Sanitize brewing equipment
  • Clean and Sanitize ice machines and ice storage containers
  • Clean and Sanitize grills and griddles
  • Clean and Sanitize ovens and rotisseries
  • Clean and Sanitize stainless steel surfaces
  • Remove carbon build up from cooking equipment and cast iron grills and fryer baskets
  • Remove grease and fat build up from extraction hood filters

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