Boil Out Fryer Cleaners

Boil Out Fryer Cleaners are an essential product for any fry oil maintenance program. You spend money on filtering your fry oil. Don’t pour your clean oil into a dirty deep fryer and thereby throw money down the drain.

Dirty, carbonised fryer walls and coils take much longer to heat up the cooking oil thus costing you time and money. When you add your new oil to the fryer, gunge will immediately contaminate the new oil. These contaminants will break down the new oil quicker which will force you to change the oil more frequently.  An expensive exercise!

Your boil out program frequency will depend on usage. You will need to boil out anywhere between once a week or monthly. Boil Out Fryer Cleaners make this task easier and quicker.

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Why use Boil Out Deep Flyer Cleaners & Sanitizers

  • Cleanses deep fryer of contaminents
  • Cleanses elements for faster oil heating time
  • Extends the life of your oil
  • Saves on electricity as clean elements heat oil faster
  • Saves on time with less oil changes