Sanitizer Testing Strips

Our comprehensive range of sanitizer test strips and kits including chlorine sanitizer test strips and Quaternary Ammonium (QUAT) QR5 test strips are designed to ensure optimal hygiene and safety in various industries. Our high-quality QR5 / QAC / QUAT / Quaternary Ammonia test strips deliver accurate and reliable results, enabling you to maintain the utmost cleanliness and protection. Stay confident in your sanitizing processes with our sanitizer test strips, the essential tool for maintaining the ideal sanitizing solutions for an effectively sanitized environment.

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  • FryOilSaver Quaternary Ammonium Sanitizer QR5 Test Strips – Pack of 100

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  • FryOilSaver Chlorine Sanitizer Test Strip Kit – 1 Vial of 100 Strips

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  • Steramine QUAT Solutions Test Strips – 150 x QT10 Strips

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Best-Priced Sanitizer Testing Strips for Sale Online


Cleaning and sanitation procedures are essential in the food industry to guarantee the highest standards of quality and safety for your products. Food safety best management practises include thorough cleaning and sanitation procedures. Food contact surfaces in your food establishment are vulnerable to contamination from soil, pesticides, and other organic contaminants.


Food contact surfaces include things like plates, bowls, and cutting boards that come into contact with food. The risk of food poisoning and increased spoilage due to contact with dirty surfaces might lead to a drop in quality and sales. Cleaning and sanitising on a regular basis will help keep your food safe, reduce food waste, and boost your bottom line.


The Importance of Sanitizer Testing Strips in the Food Industry


Sanitizers approved by the Food and Drug Administration kill 99.99% of hazardous bacteria in 30 seconds with a single application, are non-toxic, and are stable in a wide range of environmental conditions. In order to gain EPA approval, chemical sanitizers must first be evaluated for concentration effectiveness, safety data, and product labelling information. Without the proper means of testing, you have no way of knowing if your sanitizer is properly diluted and at the right concentration.


Using sanitizer testing strips, is the quickest (and legally required) approach to check the efficacy of the sanitizers.


Food manufacturers rely on sanitizer strips—also called test strips or test papers—to determine the efficacy of sanitising solutions containing chlorine or quaternary ammonium compounds. Chemical compounds are infused into these strips, and their colour shifts in reaction to the presence and concentration of the disinfectant. This shift in hue is then measured on a colour chart to establish the sanitizer’s concentration.


To be more precise, the strips have chemical indicators on them that react with the disinfectant. As a result of this response, there is a noticeable shift in the way light is absorbed or reflected. The strength of the colour shift indicates how much of the disinfectant is present in the solution. Using these strips is a fast and easy way for experts in the food industry to keep track of the sanitising agent concentration needed to effectively disinfect surfaces and tools.


Chlorine, quaternary ammonium compound (also known as QAC or QUAT), and iodine are the three most common chemical sanitizers used in the food service sector. As different FryOilSaver test strips are only compatible with specific sanitizers, it is crucial that you use the correct one. If your sanitizer, for instance, relies on chlorine, you absolutely must use a chlorine test strip.


Our test kits will provide an accurate reading of the concentration and pH of the chemical sanitizer solution.


If using a chlorine-based disinfectant, dip a test strip into the solution and immediately check it against a colour chart.  If the reading is between 50 and 200 ppm, the concentration is acceptable.


For sanitizers containing quaternary ammonia (QA) let the strip soak for 10 seconds in the disinfecting solution before you check it against the colour chart.  If the concentration is shown to be between 100 and 400 ppm, it is within acceptable range.


Benefits of Using Sanitizer Testing Strips for Sale from Our Online Store


Sanitizer strips ensure food safety and quality. A clean surface reduces foodborne sickness by preventing hazardous bacteria and pathogens from growing.


Sanitizer strips also allows for establishments to comply with legal regulations cost-effectively. Sanitizer strips show regulators that sanitising procedures are being followed.


Sanitizer strips allow food industry operators to rapidly and easily test their sanitising solutions. Instant feedback streamlines sanitization.


Businesses can avoid overusing or underusing sanitising chemicals through calculating concentrations. Overuse wastes resources and raises operational expenses, while underuse compromises cleanliness and food safety. Sanitizer strips optimise sanitizer consumption, saving money over time.


Businesses establish consumer trust by using sanitising strips and maintaining adequate sanitation. Health-conscious businesses always attract and retain customers.


Food-borne infections and contamination can hurt firms financially and reputationally. Sanitizer strips reduce contamination risk. This eliminates legal risks and brand harm.


Why Buy Sanitizer Testing Kits from Us?


In a country where frying food smells like magic, the FryOilSaver Company is the visionary custodian of the frying process. FryOilSaver’s deep fryer oil management solutions may elevate your kitchen. FryOilSaver provides deep fryer oil management solutions to upgrade your kitchen.


FryOilSaver Sanitizer Strips can help you maintain a clean kitchen and successful business. Our sanitizer strips save waste, improve efficiency, and help businesses adhere to regulations. Reduce breakdowns and maximise the lifespan of your machines by quickly verifying the efficacy of your sanitation procedures. Gain your customers’ confidence and protect your company’s image by always maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness. Invest in FryOilSaver Sanitizer Strips for a risk-free, time-saving, and delicious culinary experience on the go.



Best Selling Sanitizer Testing Strips


FryOilSaver Chlorine Sanitizer Test Strip Kit – Vials of 100 Strips


With these chlorine test strips from the FryOilSaver Company, you can quickly, easily, and affordably determine the concentration of your chlorine sanitising solutions. This kit has everything you need to properly sanitise your space, including instructions and a colour chart that corresponds to concentrations from 0 to 200 parts per million.


FryOilSaver Quaternary Ammonium Sanitizer QR5 Test Strips


The FryOilSaver Company offers quaternary ammonium test strips to help you monitor the sanitizer concentration in your cleaning solutions. Ideal for use with a Steramine quaternary sanitising tablets test kit, these sanitizer test strips detect concentrations from 0 to 400 ppm. These test strips, made of litmus paper, give more trustworthy results. You only need a one-second dip into the solution, followed by a five- to ten-second pause, before comparing the result to the colour chart.


Steramine QUAT Solutions Test Strips – QT10 Strips


When used with Steramine and other QUAT sanitizers, Quaternary Test Paper is a quick, accurate, and cost-effective way to determine the sanitizer concentration, especially when dealing with muli-quat broad range quaternary ammonium sanitizer solutions. The test paper can detect solution depletion so that it may be refilled and can prevent the use of excessive amounts of sanitising agents by measuring concentrations between 0 and 200 ppm (parts per million) utilising colour matching at 10, 50, 100, and 400 ppm.  Perfect complement to 1 gramme Steramine tablets.

Maintaining cleanliness and safety is vital in various industries, and proper sanitization plays a crucial role. That is why FryOilSaver brings you a range of high-quality QUAT / Quaternary Ammonium and chlorine sanitizer test strips, designed to provide accurate measurements and ensure the effectiveness of your sanitizing solutions.

Our Chlorine Sanitizer Test Strip Kit is specifically designed for chlorine-based sanitizers, this kit allows you to easily and accurately, measure the concentration of chlorine in your sanitizing solutions. It ensures your chlorine sanitizers are at optimal levels for effective disinfection.

Quaternary Ammonium Sanitizer QR5 Test Strips are ideal for facilities using quaternary ammonium compounds (QAC / QUAT) such as Steramine, these test strips measure the concentration of compounds in the sanitizing solution. Widely used in the food service industry to ensure appropriate concentration levels for effective sanitization, QUAT / QAC test strips allow you to easily monitor and adjust the concentration of QUAT / QAC sanitizers for maximum effectiveness.

Features of our sanitizer test strips:

– Accurate and reliable measurements
– Quick and easy-to-read color indicators
– Suitable for diverse types of sanitizers
– Ideal for food service, healthcare, hospitality, and more
– User-friendly with no additional equipment required.
– Cost-effective and essential for proper sanitization practices


Ensure the effectiveness of your sanitizing solutions with FryOilSaver’s sanitizer test strips. Whether you need to monitor chlorine or quaternary ammonium compounds in your sanitizing solutions, our test strips provide convenience and accuracy. Trust our high-quality products to keep your facility clean, safe, and compliant with hygiene standards.

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