Frying Oil Filter Bags and Frames

The MirOil reusable Frying Oil Filters effectively remove more micron-size food particles than high priced paper filters. They will do up to 1000 filtering sessions at a fraction of the cost of paper filters! It’s also easy to clean with hot water and does not require daily cleaning, saving you on time and labor costs. Of course, they remove the big stuff too! The polyethylene polymer used for the bags is extremely strong and conforms to Chapter 21 of the US Code for Food Safe and Compatible Materials. This material has been thoroughly tested and doesn’t leak chemicals into oil like normal filter papers. It’s long been regarded as the superior quality frying oil filtration medium available worldwide. These long-life filter bags are washable, re-useable and are made in the USA.

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  • Miroil B5FS EZ Flow Oil Filter Bag with Snaps
  • Miroil B6PS/02852 EZ Flow Filter Assembly
  • MirOil Fryer Oil Filter Bag RB33PS
  • MirOil Oil Filter Bag
  • Miroil Fry Oil Skim Filter Bag and Frame
  • Miroil RB5FS EZ Flow Oil Filter Bag
  • B22FS Held in Hand 2 MirOil Filter Bag

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