Frying Oil Filter Machines

Frying oil filter machines are essential to the smooth running of your fast food chain, restaurant, diner or cafeteria. Not only do electric frying oil filtering machines remove sediment, but more importantly they help extend the fry oil life. This keeps your fried food tasty, and saves money and time. A frying oil filter machine is essential when using products such as Magnesol fry powder. Find the best fryer filter machine for your needs.

Why use a fryer oil filtering machine

  • Unfiltered oil negatively affects the flavor of your food
  • Cooking oil filtering machines remove odor causing sediments
  • Oil fryer filtering machines remove sediment, fatty acids & carbon deposits
  • Frying oil filtering machines keep the fryer oil healthy
  • Decreases oil uptake and extends the life of your oil
  • This saves your establishment time & money and ensures consistent food quality

And lastly, changing the fryer oil on a regular basis can be a messy and time-consuming process. However, by using a fryer filter machine, you replace the oil less frequently, which saves time. In comparison with traditional cone filtering methods, a machine will keep your employees safe and your kitchen clean, which are two unmatched benefits.

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